Australia & New Zealand

Welcome to NEPOMAK Australia & New Zealand!

NEPOMAK Australia & New Zealand prides itself on being one of the most active and energetic members of the global NEPOMAK family, despite our geographical distance from Cyprus. We’re about creating awareness of the issues that concern the youth of our community as well as providing social events that bring people together.

A brief history

NEPOMAK Australia & New Zealand consists of the 13 Cypriot communities and organisations that form the Federation of Cyprus Communities and Organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It is through the connection between our communities we as an organisation are able to achieve our goals and mobilize young Cypriots across our region.

Each local youth body organises events within their respective regions and they all come together at various times throughout the year to meet as a national body. NEPOMAK Australia & New Zealand’s most important role is to coordinate national and international events and programmes and provide the leadership and assistance to local youth organisations to build their membership from the grass roots.

Our aims

To preserve our cultural roots and ethnic identity by bringing together the young Cypriots of our community:

  • We as the diaspora face many challenges in maintaining our identity. Because of the relative isolation of some overseas Cypriot communities and limited access to resources, young Cypriots don’t often get exposure to their cultural heritage or the opportunity to mingle with young people of a similar background.
  • We aim to create opportunities for young people to come together through mediums we can all relate to such as education, music, dancing and sport programmes and events.

To provide support for local youth organisations:

  • As an overarching national body, which is part of a wider global community, we provide a framework for local youth organisations to come together on a national level, and to form connections with communities abroad.
  • As part of a global organisation, we are able to provide local youth organisations access to resources and international programmes such as NDCP, thereby feeding back into the local membership base.

For more information on how to get involved please e-mail and Sign Up with your local NEPOMAK branch today!

Key events

Our flagship event is the annual NEPOMAK Summit Weekend. The NEPOMAK Summit enables all NEPOMAK members to contribute to the organisation through the AGM, while supporting the hosting community. It is an excellent opportunity to network with other likeminded young Cypriots and their senior counterparts.

We also host a more social weekend away called NEAP (NEPOMAK Explore Australia Program). This event focuses on more team building activities to solidify bonds in a relaxed environment.

Upcoming events

Meet the team!

Michael Christodoulides
James Volis
Vice President
Gabriella Piperides
Luis Nicolaou
Andreas Nicola
NDCP Coordinator
Lukas Theodorou
Social Media Coordinator
Chris Theodoulou
Committee Member
Katerina Fitikides
Committee Member
Demitri Nicolaou
Committee Member
Eleni Efthymiou
Committee Member
Andie Demosthenous
Committee Member
Symeon Papa-Adams
Committee Member
Andreas Liolis
Committee Member
Panayiota Zambas
Committee Member