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Welcome to NEPOMAK UK!

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=cost-minimization-antibiotics Our aim is to bring together young Cypriots from across the UK to promote and celebrate Cypriot culture, heritage and encourage networking amongst its members.


watch This is achieved through social, cultural and networking events ranging from club nights and boat parties, to visits from Cypriot cultural groups and networking evenings for young Cypriot professionals.

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go We host a variety of events throughout the year in the hopes of bringing together Cypriot youth from all around the UK. Events include museum visits, panel discussions and language lessons as well as social nights out, charity initiatives and networking events for young professionals.


get link We also work to promote Cypriot culture to UK communities, as well as promoting the peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem.

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http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=augmentin-375mg-cost-USA For more information on how to get involvedĀ please e-mail buy augmentin online Australia info@nepomak.org and Sign Up with your local NEPOMAK branch today!

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Meet the team!

Harry Charalambous
Christos Tuton
Vice President
Mary Savvides
Constantine Alexandrou
Antonia Michaelides
Honorary President
Raphael Gregorian
Social Media Coordinator
Pietra Asprou
NDCP Coordinator
George Yiakoumi
Head of Digital
Andrew Savvides
Committee Member
Antony Levendi
Committee Member
Christina Tsangaris
Committee Member
Constantine Raphael Georgiou
Committee Member
Despina Lazarou
Committee Member
Elle Zacharia
Committee Member
Georgie Taylor
Committee Member
Gregory Demou
Committee Member
Maria Lazarou
Committee Member
Nethie Savva
Committee Member
Nicholas Nicou
Committee Member
Raphael Jordanou
Committee Member
Stephanos Ioannou
Committee Member
Xenios Matjilla
Committee Member