OUC Cypriot Diaspora Courses

Learn the Greek language or Cypriot history for free!

NEPOMAK, in collaboration with the Open University of Cyprus (OUC), and with the generous sponsorship of the Office of the Presidential Commissioner, offer two online courses to our members:

  1. Modern Greek language – the most commonly spoken language in Cyprus.
  2. Introduction to the history of Cyprus.

Both courses are studied online through the OUC’s specialist distance learning platform. Fees for each course are fully covered for 15 NEPOMAK members by the Office of the Presidential Commissioner – so you don’t have to spend a penny.

Modern Greek language course

This e-class:

  • Features authentic texts and exercises.
  • Teaches new vocabulary using everyday settings.
  • Covers phonology (pronunciation/how words sounds) and morphology (derivation/formation of words).

There are four levels to the e-class ranging from very beginner to much more advanced. Students are placed in the class that reflects their prior knowledge of Modern Greek through an online test to ensure they receive the most beneficial education.

Applications to take the beginner level course starting are now open and will close on 6 November. This specific course will run from January to May 2020 with two mid-semester assessments and a final exam in May/June.

Apply now by clicking here

Applications for the intermediate and advanced level courses will open in 2020.

Click here for more information from the OUC
Click here to watch an example seminar

Step-by-step guide to applying:

1) Click ‘apply’ and create a new account
2) The OUC will send you a link by email to confirm your new account
3) Change the default password to a new, personal one
4) Enter your personal details and then select “Programme for Expatriates (undergraduate)” under “Programs of Interest”.
5) Under “My Applications”, click “Create New” and select:
Registration Type: Programs of Study
Program of Study: Programme for Expatriates (undergraduate)
It should then autofill the rest of the fields.
6) Upload your school leavers/degree certificate and an id.
7) Click “Submit Application”

Introduction to the history of Cyprus

This e-class teaches an overview of the history of Cyprus from antiquity (4th Century AD) until when Cyprus entered the European Union in 2004.

It covers everything in between including: Byzantine Cyprus, Frankish Cyprus, Ottoman Cyprus, British Cyprus, the EOKA struggle, Cypriot independence, inter-communal conflicts, the coup, the invasion by Turkey and the attempts to find a solution to the Cyprus issue.

Applications for ‘Introduction to the history of Cyprus’ are now open and close on 6 November, the course will run from January to May.

Apply now by clicking here

Click here for more information from the OUC

Who can apply?

Both courses are free to 15 NEPOMAK members (if you are not already a member it’s free and easy to sign up now – just click here). You must also have finished high/secondary school. The course costs €650 to non-NEPOMAK members.


How many hours should I dedicate to the course each week?

It is recommended that 2-3 hours per week are dedicated to the course in order for the e-lessons to be completed as well as the activities. However, this can depend on how you learn and may require less or more time from you.

What happens if I can't attend one of the e-lessons during the week?

We understand you all live busy lives. The e-lessons will be recorded and kept online for you to watch at a convenient time for you. The benefit of attending online will be the engagement available to you during real time. You will also be able to contact the teachers by email if you have any questions that you want answered or simply to provide additional support.

Are the assignments and exam a requirement to complete the course?

Yes. In order to receive the certification at the end, both assignments need to be handed in within deadline and the exam needs to be written in May.

How advanced is the Greek language course?

There are four levels that will be taught for the Greek language course. The beginner course starts in January and will consist of teaching basic communication skills. Applications for the three higher levels will open during the course of 2019 – keep an eye on our Facebook pages and website for more information.

How much is the course?

The course is fully covered for NEPOMAK members by the Office of the Presidential Commissioner.

Don't just take it from us, hear it from them

Lara Alexander
"I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Greek through this language course, because it has given me the confidence to start practicing and speaking the Greek language with my family and friends both here and overseas. It has been a major goal of mine to learn the Greek language, as it's part of my identity. I feel that I've bettered myself having been given access to this language course and I feel incredibly privileged to have been given such an opportunity.”

Sydney, Australia | 2019
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Emmanuel Diinis
"I would strongly recommend the (A1) Greek language short course through the Open University of Cyprus. The course was very well structured with the learning materials intuitive, thoughtful and readily accessible through the online portal. Chrystalla was a fantastic teacher who encouraged participation in the online lectures and the opportunity to speak, read and ask questions. Thoroughly recommend for any diaspora Cypriot looking to better their proficiency of Greek."

Sydney, Australia | 2019
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