Rest of Europe

Welcome to NEPOMAK Rest of Europe!

The Rest of Europe branch aims to bring young diaspora Cypriots living across Europe to get involved in NEPOMAK Global events and programmes.

  • We promote NEPOMAK in our communities, and support the Global Committee
  • We publicise NEPOMAK programmes and events
  • We support Cypriot cultural activities and events abroad

For more information on how to get involved please e-mail [email protected] and Sign Up with your local NEPOMAK branch today!

Meet the team!

Nicholas Nicou
Honorary Vice President & Global Outreach Coordinator
Yiğit Ergönen
Vice President
Stephanie Pater
Andrea Pavlidou
Eleni Mavrommatis
Committee Member and Representative for France
Michelle Pater
Committee Member and Representative for Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Romy Boulos
Committee Member and Representative for Lebanon
Jessica Ramia
Committee Member
Gabriella Ascione-Koumis
Honorary Committee Member