NEPOMAK in South Africa is the Cypriot Youth Association (CYA).

We are affiliated with three umbrella bodies: NAHYSOSA (National Association of Hellenic Youth and Student Organisations of South Africa), the Brotherhood of Cyprus in South Africa and of course, NEPOMAK.


What we do

We strive to achieve unity between the Greek and Cypriot youth in South Africa! We work to raise funds for valuable initiatives within our community: some of which include support for local Cypriots who are completing their tertiary education but are experiencing financial strain, as well as support various causes within the greater South African community. We believe in the protection of cultural inheritance of Cyprus and work hard to support a number of philanthropic causes.

Our agenda for the year is filled with many interesting events, including: Socials (or club nights), Bouzoukia nights, Religious Talks, Cypriot Cook-Offs Panigiria, Movie Premieres, and our Santa Shoebox charity drive. We also engage with our local national affiliate, NAHYSOSA, to raise awareness about our engagement and relationship with NEPOMAK, and provide updates to the Greek and Cypriot youth with respect to the Cyprus Issue and the global engagements thereof.

NDCP, and the fast-growing NCCT, are our two greatest selling points for promoting Cyprus and the country’s language, cultures, and history to the diaspora. We have seen increased interest over the years and have heard many value-added stories from those who may not have been in touch with their Cypriot roots prior to attending either programme.

For more information on how to get involved please e-mail and Sign Up with your local NEPOMAK branch today!

Upcoming events

1 January 2020

New events coming soon!

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Meet the team!

Andrea Nichas
Helen Georgiadis
Vice President
Panayiota Papavarnavas
Raphaella Joannou
Public Relations Officer
Jamie Ioannides
Dimitri Protopappas
Religious Event Coordinator
Marianna Christophi
NDCP/NCCT Coordinator
Marina Prodromos
Committee Member
Alexia Miltiades
Committee Member
Katerina Antoniades
Committee Member
Angelo Constantinou
Committee Member
Dimitris Georgiou
Committee Member
Nicole Kitsopoloulos
Committee Member
George Prodromos
Committee Member
Julia Michaelides
Committee Member
Theodora Alexandrakis
Committee Member
Alexia Antoniades
Committee Member
Andreas Mouyis
Committee Member
Nikky Nicolaou
Committee Member
Alexi Couvaras
Committee Member
Alexi Philippou
Committee Member
George Sarelis
Committee Member
Nicole Protopappas
Committee Member
Phil Christou
Committee Member
Stavi Kolatsis
Committee Member
Vasiliki Dionisos
Committee Member