NNCYA is affiliated with three organizations: namely NAHYSOSA (representing the Hellenic youth of South Africa), NEPOMAK (the international organization standing for Cypriot youths abroad) and The Cyprus Brotherhood of South Africa (whose purpose is to unite the Cypriot community of SA as a collective).


What we do

Our purpose is to achieve unity between the Hellenic youth of South Africa.

We work with other NAHYSOSA affiliates around the country to raise funds for Hellenes who require financial assistance to complete their tertiary education. In addition we’ve recently integrated an extension in our charity efforts to support various causes within the greater South African community.

Furthermore we have incorporated an Environmental portfolio to our organisation in 2020 which highlights our goals as a committee to promote green and sustainable initiatives among the Hellenic youth. We believe in the protection & sharing of cultural traditions from Cyprus and make every effort to include these values in everything we involve ourselves in.

When it comes to our involvement specifically with NEPOMAK we raise awareness about the possibilities of engagement with our homeland of Cyprus. We provide updates to the Hellenic youth of SA about relevant historical events and current affairs of Cyprus. We’ve begun sharing tutorials on a collection of our culture’s traditional recipes on social media to promote a part of our heritage. Our agenda for the year incorporates a variety of elements- from socials gathering crowds in the hundred’s to celebrate the pride we share in our Hellenism to coming together for charity initiatives such as the Santa Shoebox drive.

Undeniably, both NDCP and NCCT are integral to promoting our homeland’s language, culture, history and traditional appeal to the diaspora. Over the years the valued recounting of experiences from past participants have enticed others to apply. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of an inexpressible, life-changing programme that reconnects you to the roots of your island? Needless to say, we’re grateful to be a part of something as vital as NEPOMAK as a means of connecting the Cypriot youth in South Africa with their global family.

For more information on how to get involved please e-mail [email protected] and sign up with your local NEPOMAK branch today!

Upcoming events

1 January 2020

New events coming soon!

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Meet the team!

Christina Christodoulou
Basil Antoniou
Vice President
Tasos Zervos
Daniella Markides
Alexandra Raxenidis
Public Relations Officer
Anne Papavarnavas