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Our aims

We’re on a mission to:

  • Preserve our cultural roots and ethnic identity
  • Give young overseas Cypriots a voice
  • Support local Cypriot youth organisations
  • Create awareness of the cultural heritage of Cyprus and humanitarian ideals worldwide
  • Raise awareness of the Cyprus issue
  • Cultivate close and friendly relations between Cyprus and the countries where diaspora Cypriots live

Our activities

NEPOMAK is best defined by the activities we offer, which are as diverse as the needs of the young Cypriots that make up our membership. Our key activities are:

  • NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme (NDCP) – a 3 week language course and tour of Cyprus. So far, we have awakened a passion for Cyprus in over 500 young Cypriots (and counting!).
  • NEPOMAK Cypriot Culture Tour (NCCT)a unique opportunity for young Cypriots to explore their heritage and culture through a 10 day professionally-guided tour.

  • NEPOMAK Professionals – we bring together young Cypriot professionals from across the world through various networking events.
  • The Cyprus Issue – we advocate for a free, united Cyprus to ensure a just and better future for all Cypriots.

  • OUC Scholarships – we provide opportunities to study a postgraduate level degree through distance learning courses offered by the Open University of Cyprus, on a fully-paid scholarship.
  • Internships – we have partnered with the Cypriot government, the United Nations in New York City and Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation to offer a variety of internship opportunities.
  • Local events run throughout the year – we bring together young Cypriots from across the globe, promoting Cypriot history and identity.

Get involved

NEPOMAK is run day-to-day by 150 volunteers. We run activities in over 40 cities globally, directly reaching 15,000 young Cypriots around the world.

Every year we are looking for more enthusiastic, driven, young individuals to help develop our organisation. By getting involved, our members have the chance to learn new skills, challenge themselves and develop life-long friendships.

Sign up as a member with your local organisation today or e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members does NEPOMAK have?

NEPOMAK has a global network of 15,000 young Cypriots across our eight regions around the world.

What are the benefits of being a member of NEPOMAK?
  • Registering for membership is quick and free. Once you are a member we will send you regular updates so you can make the most of your membership.
  • Meet other young Cypriots (and make lifelong friends!) in your country and globally.
  • Take part in our unique events and programmes.
  • Learn more about Cyprus, our history, culture and language; benefit from local initiatives
Who can become a member of NEPOMAK?

Anybody aged 18-30, who lives outside Cyprus, with at least one Cypriot grandparent is entitled to become a member of NEPOMAK.

Is it free to become a member of NEPOMAK?

Membership is absolutely free. And what’s more we promise not to sell on your details to any third parties or marketing agencies. Your data will just be used by us to keep you up to date about our latest activities.

How do I become a member of NEPOMAK?

Simply register today for free membership here and join our social network to meet other young Cypriots in your country.

Can I get more involved in NEPOMAK?

Absolutely! We are always looking for more people to get involved and help out. For more information click here to find your local branch.

Is NEPOMAK a political organisation?

No. As NEPOMAK we are not affiliated to any political party or organisation. We support the democratically elected government in Cyprus (whichever political party is in government).

How is NEPOMAK funded?

NEPOMAK is funded in three ways:

  • Fundraising events to support our activities (e.g. club nights, football tournaments).
  • Donations and sponsorship from businesses and individuals.
  • Our global initiatives (e.g. NDCP and conference) are supported by the Youth Board of Cyprus and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cyprus).

Meet the team!

Christos Tuton
Global President
Yannis Christodoulides
General Secretary
Christina Stephanos
Kyriaki 'Iria' Pavlidou
Organising Secretary
Adrian Patsalos
Vice President
President of NEPOMAK UK
Andrew Lambiris
Vice President
President of NEPOMAK USA
Christodoulos Kyrou-Tsakalos
Vice President
President of NEPOMAK Greece
Stephanie Demetrios
Vice President & Global NCCT Coordinator
President of NEPOMAK Aus&NZ
Andreas Kyprianou
Vice President
President of NEPOMAK Canada
Christina Christodoulou
Vice President
Maria Coomer
Vice President
President of NEPOMAK Rest of Africa
Eleni Mavrommatis
Vice President
President of NEPOMAK Rest of Europe
Maria Christofi
Global NDCP Coordinator
Eirini Spilioti
Conference Coordinator
Jaquelyn Yiatrou
Social Media Coordinator
Florentina Sergiou
Social Media Coordinator
Mary Joannou
Global Digital Coordinator
Katie Bedrossian
Committee Member
Miriam Pittalis
Committee Member
Daniel Rowson
Committee Member
Demetris Zambas
Committee Member
Andrea Themistokleous
Committee Member
Anne Papavarnavas
Committee Member
Antonia Michaelides
Honorary President
Christos Karaolis
Honorary President